Setting up for a cooking class at Relish

July 8 – 12, 2019, 9:00am – 3:00pm

Restaurant camp for teenagers

Does your teenager love to cook? Have she thought about cooking in a restaurant? Does he love to create menus at home? Do they watch cooking shows and try to recreate dishes after? We have the camp for you.

This Relish Teenage Restaurant camp runs from July 8th through the 14th, Monday through Friday. For 4 days, from 9 to 3, your teenagers will be with us at Relish. That means we teach them, we feed them, we let them work in teams, and they cook.

Monday will be chicken day. The students will learn how to cut up chickens, roast chickens, sauté chickens, and create delicious chicken main-course meals. They will make lunch for each other, using an easy chicken dish they can make at college or in their first apartment. And they will learn the demands of a restaurant kitchen, including the language, pacing, and etiquette on the line.

Tuesday will be vegetables day. The students will learn how to roast, steam, stir-fry, and dress vegetables. They will also make a delicious vegetable dish they can make in their dorms. And they will learn the details of food costs, inventory, and how to make sure they always have enough food on hand to run the restaurant.

Wednesday will be grains and pulses day. The students will learn how to cook a pot of beans well, and learn how to make great risotto and polenta. They will also learn how to make rice and beans delicious for the lean days. And they will learn the details of hospitality from the owner of The Hardware Store and some of the servers.

Thursday will be desserts and finishing courses day. The students will work in teams to come up with an interesting way to end a meal, whether with something sweet, a cheese plate, or another option. They will also learn how to create a coherent menu, using what is in season and what is reasonable in price. Before they leave, the class will have decided a menu for Friday night.

On Friday evening, the students will come to Relish to prep and cook. And at 6 pm, the parents and guardians of these students are invited to eat the menu the students have created. Expect great service and wonderful food!

This camp will be taught by Jacob Wiegner, chef and former owner of Blackboard Bistro in West Seattle, Dan Ahern, chef and cookbook author, Shauna Ahern, resident Relish teacher and cookbook author, and various cooks and servers from The Hardware Store.

By the end of this camp, if your teenager is interested, he/she/they will be ready to start working in a restaurant soon!