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August 30, 2019, 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Basque Dinner

If you ever ask Chef Nathan where to go on a food-focused adventure in Western Europe, he will undoubtedly direct you to one of his favorite regions in the world -- the Basque Country.

From the picturesque, fog shrouded Pyrennes to the Bay of Biscay, we’ll take a culinary journey from mountain to sea, building the perfect meal along the way.

We’ll have a wonderful progressive dinner where Chef Nathan will invite you to taste a selection of his favorite regional meats and cheeses, a locally-sourced punchy salade composée, some Basque specialties, and a few of his back-pocket regional bottles.

Together, we’ll create a filling dinner from the building blocks of Basque cuisine, peppers, potatoes, hyper-local proteins, and of course, something sweet.

If you'd prefer non-alcoholic drinks, they're available at every class and we'll be happy to accommodate you with something truly delicious.