Darius soodmand e J Dv L Miqi S4 unsplash

August 30, 2019, 10:00am – 1:00pm

Media Noches

Just what are Medianoches you ask? Ahh, you’re in for a treat with Chef Nathan. Medianoche is Spanish for midnight, or the most wonderful sandwich you’ve ever had -- for this event we’re going to delve deep into the Cubano classic, building the players from the ground up -- roasting pork, selecting hams, making the sauces, prepping the peppers, as well as knocking out some traditional sides.

Come beat the heat with a Caribbean classic, a few crisp cervezas, a ‘daytime’ cocktail or two, and skills to take with you for your next sandwich escapade of your own!

If you'd prefer non-alcoholic drinks, they're available at every class and we'll be happy to accommodate you with something truly delicious.