Hayden's Grandfather

October 11, 2019, 6:30pm – 9:00pm

Cuban Home Cooking: Recipes From My Grandfather’s Kitchen

For Chef Hayden, cooking is indelibly linked to the traditions seasoned by the experiences of our ancestors for hundreds, if not thousands of years gone by. These traditions and connections are the foundation of his passion and approach as a teacher.

Hayden believes his ancestors want to pass on their passion and love for the meals they created for the ones they loved, and the ones they never got to know. Quite simply, cooking for Hayden is the highest expression of love.

We’ll start class with a luscious appetizer of Ham and Cheese Croquetas partnered with a glass of something refreshing. And from there, we’ll roll up our sleeves, let any worries of the week slip away as we make a Sweet Crab and Papaya Salad, Ropa Vieja, Black Beans and Rice and Plantain Maduros; finishing with a Rum Rice Pudding.

Join us for the first of this very special series we'll expand our repertoire and share in a family’s beloved cooking traditions from the Aztecs, Olmec, Basques, Cubans and Catalans.