Relish and Hardware Store Finals 24 of 175 copy

October 19, 2019, 10:00am – 2:00pm

Vashon Farmers Market Cooking: Vienna

Come on down to Relish to rejoice in our island and its bounty through a celebration of its produce and products -- together, we’re going to feature island producers and let their wares sing.

Keeping things simple, wonderful, and delicious, we’ll meet our producers at the market, consult with them to discover what’s at peak ripeness, and design our menu from there - expect wonderful produce, fresh cheeses, local meats, and curated wines.

The happiest pigs live in the mountains… and we’ve heard tell that there’s some damn fine up there too -- let’s investigate together! Pork, green wine and a sumptuous chocolate Sachretorte to finish.

Chef Nathan will work with our team of students to teach them how to think on their feet at the market and make a menu on the fly -- a most essential skill -- how to knock it out back in the kitchen over a few well placed drinks.

If you'd prefer non-alcoholic drinks, they're available at every class and we'll be happy to accommodate you with something truly delicious.

We’re going all out for this Market Cooking class -- it’s surely not to be missed.