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November 11, 2019, 10:30am – 3:00pm

Veterans Day Cooking Camp

We're thrilled to be bringing Chef Emily Wigley of Vashon Island's renowned and beloved Orca Eats food truck to lead a one day kids cooking camp for your middle-schoolers and high-schoolers. We'll be doing a day of cooking comfy food to eat right away — or for dinner, for school lunch or for a beach picnic.

And as it's Veterans Day, we'll be honoring the day with gratitude and reverence. Emily will share some stories and invite your young people to reflect on the meaning of the day as we cook, work, and eat together as a little community within our country.

Emily will share some tricks so your kids can cook the fast, fun, food truck way. They won't need to serve 200 people in an hour, but probably could after learning some of her tricks and with a little practice!

Emily will show your kids how to make a bunch of different foods to eat on their own or combined. They can pick and choose what they like, from what’s on hand in the kitchen, and what they have time for.

We'll start the day with a welcoming snack, then jump into making a super tasty lunch, as well as creating a bake and take (aka, bake a yummy something to take home for later)!

They'll have fun learning to make some favorites from scratch, and how to combine the flavors they already love and maybe some new tastes, too.

See you on November 11th!