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January 19, 2020, 11:00am – 1:30pm

Wintertime Reset: Vegan Superfoods

Let’s welcome the New Year (and decade!) by embracing the wintertime gifts on offer and learning to boost our immune system and nourish ourselves with vegan superfoods. Culinary artisan and naturalist, Emilia Flor Vogt, will show us how to partner truly delicious food with healthy eating habits — especially apropos for this season.

We’ll learn how to make Ultimate Miso Soup, an alkalizing food, whose fermentation assists our body's digestion and metabolism — it also happens to be a wonderful soup to have on hand for friends and family to help shake off the January chill.

Emily will teach us how to make one of her most popular recipes, Deep Sea Divers, a wholesome sushi dish that brings together the high protein and calcium-rich Nori seaweed, quinoa and raw vegetables into a sweet and sour dressing that’s nothing short of legendary.

Our menu will round out with sweet and tender roasted root vegetables, bursting with spices and topped with a luscious and creamy tahini sauce along with a dish of winter greens with blueberries, shaved parsnips and radishes topped with a Green Goddess dressing that’s sure to become a back pocket favorite! We’ll finish with raw chocolate pie and Emily’s renowned Forest Tea.

It’s wintertime, nature is in her resting season, quiet, withdrawn, deep in the earth and the roots, preparing for spring. We are also deeper within ourselves, seeking replenishment, resting, reflecting and being more aware of our senses. Join us for a Sunday afternoon that will be both deeply nourishing and inspiring.